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                                     Herbal Alternative Medicine


For thousands of years, human being has been using plants, herbs and spices to survive and maintain good health.  It is the most natural, sensible and greatly beneficial way of life. In the Asian tradition, the Chinese, Indian and Malays have been using mixtures of herbs in herbal tea, drink, soup and dishes



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UBI JAGA, Scientifically known as Smilax

Ubi Jaga is a creeper plant that grown wild in the tropical forest in South East Asia. It improves blood circulation. It is traditionally used as one of herbal medicine to strengthen male energy, as a general tonic, and to increase body metabolism. Extracts from this plant possess significant activity against enterobacterial infections in humans. Also, this plant was able to counteract the inhibitory effects of glycyrrhizic acid (active ingredient of liquorice) and the deleterious effect of corticosterone (glucocorticoid) on testicular 11â-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase oxidative activity, as well as plasma testosterone levels in intact rats. Further studies also show that this plant and deoxycorticosterone (corticosteroid) competitively blocked each other at the glucocorticoid receptor affecting the above oxidative activity and as such, administration of this plant counteracted the effects of deoxycorticosterone on plasma testosterone levels in normal rats. In addition, this plant counteracted the effects of dexamethasone (glucocorticoid) on plasma testosterone and estradiol levels in normal rats.









  1. Increase male sexual power.
  2. Increase general health and energy.
Improve nerve system and blood circulation General tonic for male



  :: Vital Coffee - For Men


This traditional herbal mixture is generally used to enhance male energy.  It is also use to increase metabolism and general health.

Composition :
Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, Ubi Jaga, Lingzi, Black Seed, Ginger and Ginko

Male tonic, Boost energy, Increase blood circulation

Good if you have the following symptoms :
  1. Even after 8 hours sleep, you still do not feel that you had enough sleep.    

  2. Your sexual is not satisfactory.

  3. Always feeling tired.  


  • RM 27.00  Malaysia and Singapore
  • RM 21.60  Other countries


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