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For thousands of years, human being has been using plants, herbs and spices to survive and maintain good health.  It is the most natural, sensible and greatly beneficial way of life. In the Asian tradition, the Chinese, Indian and Malays have been using mixtures of herbs in herbal tea, drink, soup and dishes



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MISAI KUCHING or Cat's Whiskers, scientifically known as Orthosiphon stamineus

This medicinal herb has been used as herbal tea for centuries in South East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. It is traditionally used as herbal alternative medicine to treat gout, rheumatism, diabetics, hypertension, and also detoxify digestive system.  

Diuretic Activities
Various reports have been published related to the diuretic activity of Orthosiphon extract on both animals and man. Diuretic effects were observed in rabbit, dogs and rats; oral application of 750mg/kg body weight. The iyophilized aqueous extract enhanced ion excretion (K+, Na+, C-) in rats, whereas no increase in urine excretion was observed. Similar effects were reported in man, such as increased diuresis and elimination of chlorides and urea. It was reported that there are no influences recorded for 12 and 24 hrs urine output or on the sodium excretion for any of drugs when tested under standardized conditions in a placebo controlled double-blind crossover model.(
7) In clinical studies with healthy volunteers in Thailand, the extract of Orthosiphon was shown to cause the increase of the citrate and oxalate excretion.(8) Although a higher level of oxalate may increase the risk of kidney stones, the increased citrate output helped prevent stone formation. Studies have been done on a hyro-alcohol extract of Orthosiphon for diuretic activities in rats(9) which pharmacological evaluations revealed that they led to an increase in urine flow. Urinary sodium excretion was also increased.

Anti-hypertensive Activities
Orthosiphon stamineus also demonstrated anti-hypertensive activities. It was reported that the chloroform-soluble portion of the water decoction of kumis kucing showed an inhibitory effect on the contractile responses on rat thoracic aorta smooth muscle stimulated with KCI beforehand.(
10) Methylripariochromene A (MRC) was isolated from the leaves of Misai kucing and subjected to the examination of several pharmacological reactions related to hypertensive activity.(11) The following four finding were revealed from the study; 1) MRC caused a continuous decrease in systolic blood pressure and a decrease in heart rate after subcutaneous administration in conscious male SHRSP, 2) MRC exhibited the concentration-dependent suppression of contractions induced by high K+, I-phenylephrine or prostaglandin F2,11 in endothelium-denuded rat thoracic aorta, 3) MRC showed a marked suppression of contractile force without a significant reduction in the beating rate in isolated bilateral guinea pig atria, and 4) MRC increased urinary volume and excretion of Na+, K+ and Cl- for 3 h after oral administration with a load of saline in fasted rats. These findings indicate that MRC possesses some actions related to a decrease in blood pressure and diuretic action.






Gout, rheumatism, diabetic   Detoxify, remove kidney stone and bladder   hypertension



VitalTeaŽMisai Kucing
This medicinal herb from Orthosiphon has been used for centuries in South-East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.  It is used traditionally to treat gout and rheumatism.  This unique blend of herbal tea can be drank on its own or added with sugar or milk to taste.

Composition :
Black tea leaves, Orthosiphon Misai Kucing tea and other premium herbs.

Treat gout and rheumatism, Diabetics, Hyper tension, and ease up your pee.

Good if you have the following symptoms :
  1. Your urine does not completely drained when you urinate.  
  2. When you urinate, you feel a little pain, could be kidney stone.
  3. You are over 40, time to clean you kidney
  4. You feel pain at your fingers when you clinch your fist.

  5. You are a diabetic.

  6. You have gout.

  7. Want to clean up your kidney and improve blood circulation


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  • US$ 24.00  for other countries




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