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Herbal Alternative Medicine



For thousands of years, human being has been using plants, herbs and spices to survive and maintain good health.  It is the most natural, sensible and greatly beneficial way of life. In the Asian tradition, the Chinese, Indian and Malays have been using mixtures of herbs in herbal tea, drink, soup and dishes



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The Bioyouth story

The complete anti-ageing skin and nutritional formula.  What is this incredible product can do for you? Bio Youth is based on unique bio marine collagen complex rich in protein and polysaccharides.  It also contains amino complex, herbs, centella asiatica and vital fruit enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. Dr Azimuth formula work synergistically to help support skin dermal supportive tissues. You can see result in 30 days.  Clinical studies of Bio Youth have shown to improve the density and structure of photo-aged skin. Bio Youth result in significantly reducing visible signs of skin wrinkle and skin aging.

Why use Bio Youth?  Bio Youth are food supplement that nourish the skin from within.  It is formulated for good looking skin as well as total physical tone and holistic wellness.

Active Ingredients:
Natural biomarine collagen / extract, acerola, centella asiatica extract, amino complex, fruit extract, vitamin C, B-complex and other natural nutrients. (Contains no preservatives, sugar, starch, salt, yeast, artificial flavoring and coloring agents)

General Effect : As we get older, our nature production of skin collagen and elastin slows down.  This result in the skin being wrinkle loses of elasticity and also becoming discolored, drier and courser and rough. Bio Youth all natural dietary food nourished on the skin from within. Research on Bio Youth related effect is attached.

Warning : Not suitable for people with seafood or marine product allergy.

Achieving optimum health and beautiful skin with Bio Youth

Today, we live in highly polluted environment. We also consume process food that lacks nutrients as a result with age prematurely. By helping to harness our body system to absorb vital collagen, nutrients and vitamins, we will look younger and live longer. This result in vibrant and radiant skin that makes you looks much younger than your age.

How To Use

1 tea spoon of Bio Youth powder mix with 1 glass of warm water.  Drinks 2 times a day.

Collagen and skin

Collagen is the fibrous protein constituent of skin, cartilage, bone, and other connective tissue. Collagen is the principal constituent of the fiber-network layer of our skin.  More than a third of the body's protein is collagen , and it can account for an even higher percentage in particular parts of the body. Collagen makes up 70% of our skin tissue ...more>>

Nutritional support for wound healing

Healing of wounds, whether from accidental injury or surgical intervention, involves the activity of an intricate network of blood cells, tissue types, cytokines, and growth factors. This results in increased cellular activity, which causes an intensified metabolic demand for nutrients.  Nutritional deficiencies can impede wound healing, and several nutritional factors required for wound repair may improve healing time and wound outcome. Vitamin A is required for epithelial and bone formation, cellular differentiation, and immune function ...more>>


Increase of moisture content
Moisture content of skin surface is increased at both group.
MM group is statistically more significant.
Increase of skin flexibility

Skin flexibility is increased at both group.                                                           
MM group is statistically more significant.
Improvement of skin conditions

Improvement of Skin Conditions
The result of microscopic three - dimensional skin analysis indicated that some skin conditions were improved at MM group, particularly, Kurtosis (skin roughness), SEsm (wrinkles) and SEsc (scaliness)

Certificate of safety
Any side effect were not observed while investigation 



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Order of Effectiveness :                               

  1. Reduce wrinkles and aging skin.  
  2. To make skin thicker and more elastic.


Good for the following symtoms:

  1. Is a food supplement that nourishes skin from within. Formulated for total physical tone and holistic wellness as well.
  2. You want to have younger looking skin.
  • RM 55.00  Malaysia and Singapore
  • US$ 28.00  Other countries


  • FREE to door step deliveries for all West Malaysia's addresses.
  • A uniform low rate for deliveries to Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore.
  • Immediate 15% discount for orders total more than RM350 for Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Immediate 15% discount for orders total more than US$250 for other than Malaysia and Singapore.


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