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                                     Herbal Alternative Medicine

Herbal Alternative Medicine



For thousands of years, human being has been using plants, herbs and spices to survive and maintain good health.  It is the most natural, sensible and greatly beneficial way of life. In the Asian tradition, the Chinese, Indian and Malays have been using mixtures of herbs in herbal tea, drink, soup and dishes



1)Herbal VitalTea

2)Herbal VitalCoffee

3) VitalFood

4) VitalSpices

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Dr. Azimuth Formula is developed by :

Dr. Abdul Aziz Azimullah Azimuth

N.D, Ph.D, M.Sc, M.M.S, M.I.I.E,
Profession : Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Human Potential and Resources Development Consultant and Master Motivator.
Academic and Professional Qualification:
  • Doctor of Naturopathic, Clayton College, Alabama, USA
  • B.Sc / M.Sc American Holistic College, Alabama, USA
  • Ph.D, American Holistic College, Alabama, USA
  • Professional Member, New York Academy of Sciences
  • Council Member, Institute of Management Consultants Malaysia
  • Member, Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS)
  • Member, Malaysian Society for Training and Development (MSTD)
Work and Life Experience:
Dr.Azimuth has more than 35 years of experience in the following areas:-
  • Herbalogy, Holistic Nutrition, Research & Development and Nutritional Formulation.
  • Development and treatment protocol using Holistic Naturopathic Methodology.
  • Operation Management, Entrepreneurship Development and related to high level management experience in multinational company.
  • Founder : Center for Human Potential Management
  • Trustee : Khalifah Institute Malaysia
  • Founder : World Healing Trust. A trust dedicated toward the healing of all human beings regardless of their location, race or religion.
Entrepreneurs Development InstituteEntrepreneurs Development Institute


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